LifeLock coughs up $96m to FTC in false ad claim deal

Identity theft / protection alert biz LifeLock coughs up $96m to FTC in false ad claim deal – settlement dumps company into the red.

9 Ways To Bulletproof Your Privacy Policy

Is your privacy policy rock solid, or could it use some work? Mistakes can mean lawsuits, regulatory fines, and damage to corporate reputations. Freelance writer Lisa Morgan explores ‘9 Ways to Bulletproof Your Privacy Policy.

FTC Reviewing VW’s ‘Clean Diesel’ Ads for Fraudulent Claims

The Federal Trade Commission is now reviewing whether car manufacturer Volkswagen’s advertising campaign touting its “Clean Diesel” engines amount to fraud – adding a new avenue for U.S. regulators to punish the German automaker for its emissions-rigging deception.

FTC Ruling ‘Bans Biodegradable’ on Products

The Federal Trade Commission has ruled that ECM BioFilms acted deceptively by making false and unsubstantiated environmental claims by saying its product is biodegradable.

Apple Bans Hundreds of iPhone Apps

Way to be proactive Apple! This week Apple removed hundreds of apps from the iTunes App Store that secretly collected personal information from anyone who downloaded them.

Are Your Testimonials “Legal”?

Did you know that he FTC can hold both you AND the person who wrote the testimonial responsible for deceptive marketing practices? Yup… deceptive practices are a big no-no. As in, ugly-one-piece-orange-jumpsuit kind of no-no.

FTC declines to probe whether ads for `diet’ products are deceptive

Federal Trade Commission officials have rejected a consumer group’s call for an investigation into whether Coca-Cola, Pepsico and other manufacturers have falsely advertised that artificially sweetened soft drinks and food products help people lose weight.

FTC to Host Workshop on Online Lead Generation

The FTC sure keeps themselves busy! Last month was a workshop on Homeopathic Medicine & Advertising, this month’s is about Lead Generation and in January will be PrivacyCon. Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop on Lead Generation set for October 30th, 2015 – the workshop will focus on “the consumer protection issues raised by the practices of the lead generation industry, and what consumers and businesses should know and do to address them

PrivacyCon Coming 2016

The FTC’s PrivacyCon is set for January 2016 with goal being a premier privacy research event that will support the advancement of understanding of security and privacy issues for the digital age.

One-Page Privacy Policy Challenge

Can the One-Page Privacy Policy become the new norm? Is this even possible? It is a refreshing concept and attitude brought to us by AVG Technologies and I for one, am eager to watch how it works out and if it catches on.