Ultimeyes agrees to stop claiming its app improves vision

The FTC continues its examination of health-related apps finding Ultimeye guilty of deceptive advertising.

“Green” Certifications and Seals Do Not Have FTC Approval

On September 14, FTC staff sent warning letters to five providers of environmental certification seals and 32 businesses that display them online, alerting them to the agency’s concerns that the seals may be deceptive and may not comply with the FTC’s Gre

FTC Charges Vemma To Be An $200 Million IIlegal Pyramid Scheme

The FTC was granted a court order to FREEZE the Company’s and the CEO, Benson K. Boreyko’s *personal assets* as well as a Temporary Restraining order. Also named in the court documents is top-ranking Vemma *distributor* Tom Alkazin.

FTC Releases “Start with Security” Guide

As part of its ongoing outreach efforts to educate businesses about the importance of data security practices, the FTC has released a list entitled “Start with Security: A Guide for Business” that is comprised of 10 practical lessons drawn from its previous data security enforcement actions.

Mystery Solved! FTC Reaches Settlement With Health App Vendor Over False Claims – iHealthBeat

The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against two melanoma detection apps: MelApp and Mole Detective. Both apps claim to provide an “automated analysis of moles and skin lesions for symptoms of melanoma and increase consumers’ chances of detecting melanoma in its early stages”, according to the FTC.

Machinima settles with FTC over “deceptive” Xbox promotion

This settlement marks new territory for the FTC and the largely unregulated world of online paid gaming endorsements and their lack of social media disclosures. Although monetary fines were not issued this time, the precedence has been established and future incidents will have a $16,000.00 price tag each.

Top 5 Solutions for New FTC Guidelines for Social Media

Without even knowing it, you may be in violation with the FTC due to using unfair competition practices and/or deceptive acts or practices via your social media! Here is the scoop and some highly suggested solutions so that you remain in compliance.


Although this article about Apps, is not about a company being ‘busted it is a clear reminder that Apps are not exempt from the reach of the FTC. If you are in the business of Apps, or your product has an App, you want to make sure that you are covered and compliant – especially when it comes to childrens’ Apps and privacy disclosures.

FTC Mails Speak, Smooth Refund Checks

FTC mails out refund checks to consumers who bought Speak or Speak Smooth, a homeopathic product that claimed to treat childhood speech disorders.

What Monopoly Can Teach Marketers About Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

What Monopoly Can Teach Marketers About Customer Loyalty and Advocacy