YouTube’s terms of service are upsetting community because of demonetization

Countless tweets and YouTube accounts have been ranting against the recent monetization changes YouTube has made, which allows them to demonetize any videos that violate their terms of service for running ads.

Well-Drafted Privacy Policy Saves the Day for GameStop

Privacy Policies: A Penny of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure! Minnesota federal district court’s dismisses a website user’s lawsuit and prospective class action involving the privacy policy and information sharing practices of video game retailer and magazine publisher GameStop, Inc.

Court action over TWE’s ‘The Stag’ Cabernet Sauvignon

Stag's Leap Cellars alleges "The Stag" is responsible for a number of violations, including false designation of origin, unfair competition and false advertising.

FTC Announces Agenda for “Putting Disclosures to the Test”

The Federal Trade Commission has announced the agenda for its September 15 workshop, Putting Disclosures to The Test, which will include 22 presentations covering a wide variety of topics on how consumers think about, notice, understand, and act on disclosures made to them in advertising and other materials.

Lawsuits Claim “100% Natural” Label On Nature Valley Granola Bars Is Deceptive

New claim that General Mills is deceiving customers with a label on Nature Valley granola bars that says the snacks are “made with 100% natural grain oats,” because the products contain small amounts of a widely used pesticide called glyphosate.

FTC Files Charges Against Academic Publisher

For the first time, the Federal Trade Commission is going after what it considers to be a predatory publisher of scientific journals.

Walgreens Penalized Again for Overcharging Customers With “Deceptive, Misleading” Ads

Walgreens has agreed to pay $500,000 in penalties, fees, and costs to the state of New York to settle claims by the Attorney General’s office that it deceived shoppers into buying items at a higher price than advertised.

Lion Group Accuses Milk Rival a2 Of Misleading Advertising

As the saying goes, “there’s no use crying over spilt milk”, but there could be plenty of tears in the legal battle between Japanese beverage giant Lion Group and The a2 Milk Company, with the former now accusing its rival of misleading and deceptive advertising.

Gillette takes Schick to court over false advertising claims

P&G’s Gillette has filed a lawsuit in the United States courts against Edgewell Personal Care’s Schick brand. The complaint alleges deceptive acts and practices, false advertising, unfair competition, and patent infringement by Edgewell

Follow-up: FTC nails Practice Fusion with 20-year privacy practice order

Practice Fusion was charged with soliciting reviews from patients and posting them online - without concealing personal identification information. According to the FTC, the patients in question were unaware their information would be disseminated online.