Are FTC native ad guidelines the first step toward regulation?

To provide some clarity on how native ads should be presented, and to help protect consumers from more confusion about what is, and isn’t, paid content, the Federal Trade Commission released new guidelines for advertisers and publishers late last year with its “Native Advertising: A Guide for Business.”

The future of ‘free’ Wi-Fi and the heavy price we pay

The heavy price we pay for ‘free’ Wi-Fi By Benjamin Dean For many years, New York City has been developing a “free” public Wi-Fi project. Called

$43M to Settle CAN-SPAM and False Advertising Claims

Sale Slash, LLC and several other defendants have agreed to pay over $43 million to settle claims that they violated CAN-SPAM and engaged in deceptive practices to sell and advertise weight loss products.

New Online Tool Shows You What The Heck Privacy Policies Actually Say

While privacy policies exist to give consumers information about what data is being collected and how it’s being used, they tend to share one big problem in common: aside from a few exceptions, most privacy policies are utterly impenetrable for the average reader.

FTC ponders seeking $3.2 million from 2014 case against HCG Diet Direct

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) could go after HCG Diet Direct LLC and owner Clint Ethington in an attempt to collect $3.2 million owed from a 2014 case involving allegations of deceptive advertising.

Final order approved – vision improvement app-maker

About five months after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) first charged the marketers of a vision improvement app, called UltimEyes, with deceptively claiming their program was scientifically proven to improve the user's eyesight, the FTC has approved a final consent order that requires the company to stop making these claims.

CONTINUED: FTC Gerber Good Start Suit since 2014

Recently, consumers filed their own Gerber Good Start lawsuits but back in 2014, it was the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that initially filed suit against the baby food maker, alleging the company made unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of Gerber Good Start Gentle baby formula.

Private property: The case of third-party wearable apps breaching privacy

In the past few years, there has been much talk about privacy in today’s digital world. Messaging and email services as well as social media platforms have reacted to this need, announcing measures to protect a user’s personal data. But, at times, the lure of wearables makes it easy to forget, or ignore, the security risks involved.

An honest struggle to advertise “natural products”

On February 12, 2016, two consumers brought a proposed New York state class action lawsuit against The Honest Company, Inc., a personal care products company co-founded by actress Jessica Alba. The lawsuit alleges that The Honest Company falsely, misleadingly, and deceptively labeled its products as “natural,” “all natural,” “naturally derived,” and/or “plant-based,” and as containing “no harsh chemicals, ever!”

Herbalife in Talks with FTC to Resolve Probe

Nearly 22 months after the Federal Trade Commission commenced a formal inquiry into the business practices of Herbalife, a meal replacement and nutritional supplements company, the firm disclosed on Thursday that it and the agency are “in discussions . . . regarding a potential resolution of these matters.”