‘Green coffee’ diet peddlers settle with feds

Federal regulators have settled charges with several companies that capitalized on the green coffee diet fad promoted by The Dr. Oz Show.

YouTube Kids Faces Further FTC Complaints Related To Junk Food Ads Targeting Young Children

Consumer watchdog groups announced today they’ve filed additional complaints with the FTC over the advertising content in the YouTube Kids application. The complains this time focus on how the app allows food and drink advertisers to violate the self-regulatory pledges they made as members of the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI). That program’s aim is to shift the advertising mix to promote healthier dietary choices in ads aimed at those under the age of 12.

Your Next Car Will Come With a Privacy Policy

Lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives met in mid-October to participate in a hearing entitled “Examining Ways to Improve Vehicle and Roadway Safety“. When the new rules are put in place, the next generation of cars will not only be safer owing to their array of sensors and data collection software, but automakers will also be required to submit to the government a privacy policy detailing how data relating to you and your driving behaviour are used and stored.

How Social Marketers Can Stay On The FTC’s Good Side

Day one of Marketing Land’s SocialPro conference is about to begin, and we’re starting with a real treat: a keynote conversation with the FTC about everything marketers need to know about social media disclosure rules and more.

6 Things You Need to Know About Native Advertising

So what is native advertising? What are the growth possibilities, and why is it so effective? Far from simple, the many iterations of native advertising are shrouded in -- to borrow a phrase -- at least 50 shades of gray.

Court Finds Promoter of Bogus “Alcohol Cure” in Contempt

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission and Florida’s Attorney General, a federal court has found FTC defendant Robert Douglas Krotzer in contempt of court for violating a 2012 final order that required him to turn over $732,480 to compensate victims of his phony “alcoholism cure” scam.

Artist turns Apple’s terms of service into awesome graphic novel

New York-based graphic artist Robert Sikoryak illustrated the entirety of Apple'siTunes terms of service as a graphic novel, and is publishing a new page to his Tumblr every day. Called iTunes Terms And Conditions: The Graphic Novel, it stars a bearded Steve Jobs in his turtle neck sweater, informing Apple users (random characters appearing in the comic) about what they're really signing up for.

Thumbs Up or Down? Facebook Forced to Disclose Market Data for User Messages

The lawsuit, filed by Facebook users in 2013, accused Facebook of scanning private messages sent between users. The suit alleges that until October 2012, Facebook systematically scanned users’ private messages for URLs to allow targeted advertising. The users tagged Facebook’s practices as violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (also referred to as the Wiretap Act) and California’s privacy laws and ethical codes.

FTC Hosts Workshop on Lead Generation

The workshop brought together a variety of stakeholders, including industry representatives, consumer advocates, and government regulators. Although the opinions represented at the workshop were varied, a few themes recurred across the panels.

Feds tell wipes maker to back up ‘flushable’ claims, not city sewers

The Federal Trade Commission wants a wipes-maker to prove its products are "flushable," which could be good news for New York City's sewer system.