GAO Reviews Dietary Supplement Claims as Aging Population Struggles With Memory Loss

With the memory supplements market doubling from 2006 (US$353 million) to 2015 ($643 million), some marketers touting memory supplements are exploiting a vulnerable demographic, misrepresenting product benefits to the brain and even promising treatment for a disease like Alzheimer’s.

Apple Fights False Advertising Class Action on iPhones

Apple Fights False Advertising Class Action on iPhones. The lawsuit began in 2013 when lead plaintiff Marc Opperman sued Apple and a host of app developers that downloaded iPhone users’ contacts data without their knowledge or consent.

NY AG settles with scouting company over deceptive practices

National Scouting Report, Inc. – a major high school athletic scouting and college recruiting business based in Alabaster, Alabama has agreed to settle charges that it misled prospective clients and made false claims in its advertising.

3 Tips To Avoid Liability For Actions of Your Online Resellers

If online agreements are presented properly to end-users, they're  legally enforceable. This continuing trend is good news for websites that contract with registered users though SaaS Agreements, Membership Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Terms of Sale, Content License Agreements, and the like.

Millercoors Wins “Not From Australia” Lawsuit Over Claims That Foster’s Marketing Misleads Drinkers

Millercoors has scored a win for its Foster’s brand against a putative class action looking to cash in against the company.  The lawsuit alleged that several items created the impression that led the plaintiff to buy the beer thinking the brew he purchased in the U.S. was imported from Australia. 

L.A. Vehicle Donation Charity Ordered to Shut Down After Alleged False Advertising

Los Angeles vehicle donation charity People’s Choice Charity has been ordered to shut down and pay $30,000 in penalties for deceptively advertising that when people donated their vehicles, 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of cars would be given to charities.

Missouri attorney general sues three opioid drugmakers over false claims, advertising

The state of Missouri filed suit against three major drug companies, alleging they fueled the nation’s opioid epidemic with a campaign of false advertising and fake claims.

Think You’re Eating ‘100% Natural’ Chicken? Think Again

Many health conscious consumers are reducing their consumption of red meat in favor of chicken—especially products labeled and promoted as "100% natural"—believing they are a healthier option produced without routine antibiotics, artificial substances or other drugs.

How To Avoid FTC Biz Op Regulation

The way to avoid regulation as a Biz Op is to not satisfy one, but all of the three elements of a Biz Op under the New Biz Op Rule.  All three elements must be satisfied for a Biz Op to exist, so if you satisfy any two elements, but not three, you’ve avoided Biz Op regulation.

Court Revives False Ad Claims Against Neiman Marcus

The Ninth Circuit ruled that Neiman Marcus will have to answer accusations that it tricks customers into believing it sells the same upscale clothing at its Last Call outlets that it does at its flagship stores.