7 Tragic (Legal) Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make In Your Business…
and How To Protect Yourself From The FTC

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Developed Specifically For Business Owners and Website Owners Like You!

During this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Your Website Documents Alone Won't Protect You Against FTC Lawsuits, And What To Do About It
  • What You Need To Disclose In Your Privacy Policy To Avoid FTC Lawsuits And Getting Shut Down By Your Remarketing Advertising Platform (Think Google And Facebook!)
  • The Single Most Effective Tactic The FTC Uses To Put You On The FTC's Targeted List For Potential Deceptive Advertising Lawsuits
  • And Much More…

Chip Cooper III, Esq.

Allyn Cutts
Topic: 7 Tragic (Legal) Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make In Your Business!

Presenter: Chip Cooper III, Esq.
Presenter: Allyn Cutts
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You will also receive the “7 Tragic (Legal) Mistakes” Cheat Sheet during the webinar.

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Webinar Testimonials

  • It was an eye-opener… Definitely recommend the webinar!

    “The webinar was very enjoyable! You presented great detail and information and just like the case studies presented, it was an eye-opener as to how easy it is to make assumptions and fall victim when you don't have this kind of legal knowledge. I would definitely recommend the webinar!

    » Teresa D.

  • I was stunned…

    “Actually, I was stunned with the depth of legal compliance necessary to do business on the internet — quite and eye opener. Chip's descriptions simplified and clarified this real need and really drove home the importance of getting this done.”

    » Paul G.

  • The case studies made me realize how careful I need to be…

    “It meant a lot to me that Chip is actually involved in Internet marketing himself. If Chip was just another lawyer, presenting some generic information, it would not have been so powerful. The case studies made me realize how careful I need to be when putting myself out there in cyber space. I'd recommend Chip's webinar. He not only is a capable lawyer, but he's also an Internet marketer as well. He ‘gets' my business.”

    » R. Mullins

  • Recommend this Webinar…

    “I would recommend this webinar because of the number of legal traps even when you try to stay Kosher and straightforward in your dealings. It's getting more and more complex, and I've watched the complexity increase over 69 years of living.”

    » Jerry W.

  • Webinar was very informative…

    “"I thought the webinar was very informative. I have had my site for 10 years now and truly appreciate having access to such helpful tools so we can remain in compliance with the law at all times. You did a great job…”

    » Amy R.

  • Valuable information…

    “his is valuable information. The days of the Wild Wild West on the Internet are over! It's good to know you have so much information available to Internet marketers to save us from making costly mistakes.”

    » Lorraine C.