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New Changes to Federal and State Regulations for Recurring Revenue Increase
Your Risk of an Enforcement Action: Learn How to Manage It

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Back in the day, subscriptions were generally limited to magazines or newspapers. 

Today, the subscription (recurring revenue) model has exploded in the online space. The explosion has been good for online business, but now regulations are evolving at an unprecedented rate. And the new developments require very specific steps and disclosures, such that partial compliance may not be enough to avoid a significant enforcement action, not only by the FTC, but also from state attorneys general.

Recent new developments by the FTC, California, and Colorado have created a combination of new requirements for businesses that rely on the recurring revenue model, and the related compliance risk is huge. Here’s what you’re now up against:

  • FTC Enforcement Policy Statement (Effective 10-22-21),
  • California Auto-Renew updates (Effective 7-1-22),
  • Colorado Auto-Renew Law (Effective 1-1-22).

The compliance risk, particularly for small businesses, is increased by the fact that the FTC and state regulators have determined that enforcement of the new requirements is a relative high priority.

Here’s how FTCGuardian.com can help. We’ve put together an educational webinar that will help you understand the scope of these new recurring revenue requirements, what they mean, and what you need to do going forward. 

So, sign up now for the webinar.

You will learn (Takeaways):

  • Terms you need to know: “negative option”, “continuity plan”, “auto-renew plan”
  • Why providing easy methods for cancellation is not enough
  • How Age of Learning School Solutions got nailed by the FTC for recurring revenue violations
  • New Requirements: FTC Enforcement Policy Statement (Effective 10-22-21) 
  • New Requirements: California Auto-Renew updates (Effective 7-1-22)
  • New Requirements: Colorado Auto-Renew Law (Effective 1-1-22)


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Chip Cooper is Co-Founder & CEO of FTC Guardian
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