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New FTC Initiative Brings Down the Hammer on
Misleading Endorsements, Testimonials & Reviews

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After several years of relative silence, in October 2021 the FTC launched a new offensive regarding endorsements and testimonials, and it’s a huge one.

The FTC sent out Penalty Notice Letters to more than 700 prominent eCommerce companies, digital marketing companies, and ad agencies. The purpose: to set them up with actual knowledge of an expanded laundry list of unfair and deceptive practices. These Penalty Notice Letters provide the legal foundation for the FTC to nail recipients with enforcement actions for over $43,000 per violation.

Even if your company did not receive a Penalty Notice Letter, you should act quickly to ensure that you understand what you need to do, now that these enforcement priorities are public knowledge.

Here’s how FTCGuardian.com can help. We’ve put together an educational webinar that will help you understand the scope of these new enforcement priorities, what they mean, and what you need to do going forward.

So, sign up now for the webinar.

You will learn (Takeaways):

  • What it’s like to get sued by the FTC
  • Why there are no clever ways to avoid personal liability to the FTC (with examples)
  • The FTC strategy & tactics behind Notice Letters sent out in October 2021
  • 7 specific FTC Penalty Notices for endorsements, testimonials, and reviews (with examples)
  • Recommended strategies and tactics (with examples)


Chip Cooper, Esq.

Chip Cooper, Esq. – The #1 Rated FTC Compliance Training Expert!

Chip Cooper is known as the most sought after Internet Marketing and SaaS Attorney in the online business community. He is famous for writing and publishing a numbers of books specifically on the topic Internet & SaaS Law, and has business clients of all sizes Worldwide.

Chip has over 30 years legal practice experience in the field of Software, IT & Internet Law, and is a Speaker as well as an author of 4 books, on software & online FTC legal compliance

Chip Cooper is Co-Founder & CEO of FTC Guardian
Of Counsel to Jones & Haley P.C.
Adjunct Professor Software Law for 20 years at Wake Forest University School of Law

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