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The FTC is Cracking Down on Customer Reviews,
Including New Guides For Customer Review “Suppression”

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On January 25, 2002, the FTC broke new ground by announcing a settlement with Fashion Nova LLC for $4.2 based a new approach to Section 5(a) of the FTC Act: “suppression” of negative product reviews.

Immediately after announcing the settlement, the FTC undertook 2 decisive actions by:

  • sending warning letters to third-party review management platforms warning them against suppression of customer reviews, and
  • publishing new guides for marketers regarding the collection, moderation, and publishing customer reviews.

These actions came after FTC warnings regarding endorsements and testimonials in October, 2021. The FTC’s message is clear: they’re cracking down on endorsements, testimonials and customer reviews.

Here’s how FTC Guardian.com can help. We’ve put together an educational webinar that will help you to understand the new rules regarding “suppression” of customer review and how the FTC is now targeting customer reviews.

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You will learn (Takeaways):

  • Exactly what Fashion Nova claimed on their website that attracted the FTC’s attention
  • The actions taken by Fashion Nova with its third-party service provider that you
    should avoid at all costs
  • New FTC rules for soliciting customer reviews
  • New FTC rules for working with platforms for customer reviews


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