FTC Guardian Educational Mini Webinar Series

How a Basic Understanding of Ad Claims Can Make You
a Smarter Business Owner... And Save Your Bacon

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Small Business Owners: consider these warnings from the FTC regarding the fundamentals of advertising compliance. 

 * The FTC on Substantiation: “Before disseminating an advertisement, the advertiser must substantiate all claims – express and implied – that the ad conveys to reasonable consumers.” 

 * The FTC on Substantiation Requirements: “What’s required depends on the nature of the claim”. 

 Failure to comply can result devastating FTC enforcement actions, and even if you prevail, the legal fees can be astronomical.

Smart small business owners have a working knowledge of these basic requirements. They have developed a “feel” for strategies and tactics for minimizing advertising risk. 

Here’s how FTC Guardian.com can help. We’ve put together an educational webinar that will help begin to develop a “feel” ad claims and substantiation that’s easy to understand and apply. You’ll become a smarter marketer for your business. 

So, sign up now for the webinar. 

You will learn (Takeaways):

  • Why are small businesses so vulnerable to FTC claims
  • Three traps that can lead to FTC enforcement actions (with examples)
  • What is an “Ad Claim” (with examples)
  • How to modify Ad Claims to make substantiation easier
  • What is a “Bookends” Ad Claim & why you should never make one
  • Recommended strategies and tactics to manage your legal risk (with examples)


Chip Cooper, Esq.

Chip Cooper, Esq. – The #1 Rated FTC Compliance Training Expert!

Chip Cooper is known as the most sought after Internet Marketing and SaaS Attorney in the online business community. He is famous for writing and publishing a numbers of books specifically on the topic Internet & SaaS Law, and has business clients of all sizes Worldwide.

Chip has over 30 years legal practice experience in the field of Software, IT & Internet Law, and is a Speaker as well as an author of 4 books, on software & online FTC legal compliance

Chip Cooper is Co-Founder & CEO of FTC Guardian
Of Counsel to Jones & Haley P.C.
Adjunct Professor Software Law for 20 years at Wake Forest University School of Law

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