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Being a member has its perks and one of those perks is access to an exclusive Facebook Private group.

This PRIVATE, MEMBER ONLY Facebook group is an opportunity to meet with other individuals as you are expanding your online marketing.

This is your community to learn and grow in. Be active. When you test something that DOES NOT work, let's talk about it and learn. If you have something that does work, let's talk about it.

The house rules are below.

Please read this over and fill out the form below.

We welcome you and look forward to connecting with you in the Facebook Private group!

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Please Read and Check The Boxes Below For Acceptance Into The Facebook Private Group
By checking the box below I understand that I must be a paid member to this PRIVATE group. I may not invite anyone to this group. I will not share confidential discussions produced inside the group.*
By checking the box below I understand that this is a Private Group and not FTC Guardian customer service. If I have questions about FTC Guardian, I understand I must email Support@FTCGuardian.com *
By checking the box below I understand that in a private group, to receive value, I must add value by commenting, engaging and sharing with other what you are experiencing.*
By checking the box below I understand that my conversations in the group must be limited to short summaries. If an individual requires more detail please PM (Private Message) one another and collaborate. There are a lot of conversations that will be taking place and we want to make sure people can be brief and the community can better review the conversation strings.*
By checking the box below I understand that I can be removed from this group at any time at the administrator's discretion and without warning. I understand that any messages that I send containing SPAM, unapproved promotional links or text, and any content containing hateful speech or discrimenation will not be tolerated and will result in my immediate removal from the group.*