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Supplemental Compliance Documents

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Mobile App Privacy Policy

Website Privacy-Security Agreement

ROSCA Billing Information Transfer Consent Form

Web Model Release Agreement (Executed)

Opt-in List & Newsletter Notices & Disclaimers

ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Acknowledgement

ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Receipt

ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Change Notice

Forum Use Agreement

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Linking Agmt (Reciprocal -Executed)

Linking Agmt (Reciprocal -Confirmed By Email)

Red Flag Identity Theft Policy

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Data Security Policy (print & store)

Intellectual Property Protection Documents

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Future Business)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Future Employment)

Domain Name Transfer Agreement

Website Ownership Transfer Agreement

Copyright Assignment - Content (All Rights)

Copyright Assignment – Software (All Rights)

Copyright Assignment – Software (Joint Ownership)

Employment Agreement (With IP-Confidentiality)

Employment Offer Letter (W/O IP-Confidentiality)

IP-NDA Agreement (Non-Technical Employees, Contractors)

IP-NDA Agreement (For Technical Employees, Contractors)

Notebook Computer Bailment Agreement

Collaboration Agreement (Email)

Software Acquisition Agreement

Web Graphic Design Agreement (Email by Client)

Platform Copyright Assignment

Customer Agreements

Website SaaS-Account-Membership Agreement (Click)

Website Terms of Sale Agreement (Click)

Software License Agreement (Click-Wrapped)

Web Coaching Services Agreement (Click)

Web Marketing Services Agreement (Executed)

Consulting Services Agreement (General Purpose)

Website Development Agreement (Executed)

Website Hosting Agreement (Executed)

Subcontractor Agreement (Off-Site Work)

Website Content License (Click)

Web Copywriter Agreement (Email by Copywriter)

Web Graphic Design Agreement (Email by Designer)

Content License Agreement – end User (Ebooks, Training Material – Click)

Software Development Agmt (Executed)

Software Beta Test Agmt (Click)

SaaS Agmt (Executed)

Speaker Confirmation and Information Form

Speaker Engagement Agreement

Hardware Sub-Assembly Manufacturing Agmt

Technical Support Agreement

SaaS Agreement (Hybrid)

Channel Marketing Agreements

Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Click)

Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Executed)

JV Agreement-Sale of Product/Service (Affiliate Model-Email)

JV Agmt-Sale of Product/Service (Reseller Model-Email)

Referral Agreement (Executed)

Web Specialty Advertising-Reseller Agreement (Executed)

Advertising Agreement (Executed)

Website Joint Marketing Agreement (Executed)

Web Content Reseller Agmt (Reseller Downloads-executed)

Software OEM Agmt (Product Packaging)

Software OEM Agmt (Object Code Linking)

Software OEM Agmt (Source Code Integration)

Software Reseller Agmt (executed)

Software Reseller Agmt (Reseller Downloads-Executed)

Software Commission Agent Marketing Agmt

Software Publishing Agmt (Executed)

Software Publishing Agmt (Private Label)

SaaS Reseller Agmt (Framing-Executed)

SaaS Reseller Agmt (Virtual Server-Executed)

SaaS Reseller Agmt (Virtual Desktop-Executed)

SaaS Reseller Agmt (Direct Login-Executed)

SaaS Reseller Agmt (Software on Reseller Server-Executed)

Rules of the Road & Strategies

What You Need To Know About The FTC

Website Legal Compliance


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