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Hi… my name is Allyn Cutts, President of FTC Guardian… and this hot, new, and very relevant webinar offers you a great opportunity to do just that.

Product: FTC Guardian Pro

Type of Promo: Live Webinar ( Click Here to Watch Sample Live Webinar )

Price Points / Commissions: $497 @ 40%

OTO Up-sell / Commissions: $397 @ 40%

OTO Down-sell / Commissions: $297 @ 40%

Ideal Partners: Partners (who can get a minimum of 100 live attendees) who cater to ANY Internet marketing, kindle publishing, local marketing, coaching or online digital publishing niche… If you have prospects or clients who have an online presence, FTC Guardian is a great fit.

Conversions: Take a look for yourself. Our webinars convert insanely well…

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Here are some additional stats…

JV Partner #1 (204 sales from only 339 live attendees… 60.17% close rate!):

  • 1150 registrants
  • 339 live attendees
  • 117 24hr live sales (34.5% conversion)
  • 204 TOTAL sales after replay sequence
  • $40,582 total revenue ($20,094 commissions!)
  • $59.27 Earning Per Attendee

JV Partner #2 (61 sales from only 187 live attendees… 32.62% close rate!):

  • 187 live attendees
  • 25 24hr sales from live attendees
  • 61 TOTAL sales after replay sequence
  • $18,453 total revenue ($9,226.50 Commissions!)
  • $49.39 Earning Per Attendee

JV Partner #3 (101 sales from only 480 live attendees… 21.04% close rate):

  • 480 live attendees
  • 61 24hr live sales (12.7% conv.) from live attendees
  • 101 TOTAL sales after replay sequence
  • $31,991 total revenue ($15,995.50 Commissions!)
  • $33.32 Earning Per Attendee

JV Partner #4 (33 sales from only 82 live attendees… 40.24% close rate!):

  • 82 live attendees
  • 23 24hr sales (28%)
  • 33 TOTAL sales after replay sequence
  • $10,301 total revenue ($5,150.50 Commission)
  • $62.81 Earning Per Attendee

JV Partner #5 (72 sales from only 196 live attendees… 36.73% close rate!):

  • 196 live attendees
  • 29 24 sales (14.80%)
  • 72 TOTAL sales after replay sequence
  • $21,903 total revenue ($10,951.50 Commission)
  • $55.88 Earning Per Attendee

JV Partner #6 (29 sales from only 77 live attendees… 37.66% close rate!):

  • 77 live attendees
  • 14 24hr sales (18.18%)
  • 29 TOTAL sales after replay sequence
  • $9,013 total revenue ($4,506.50 Commission)
  • $58.53 Earning Per Attendee

JV Partner #7 – Most Recent (254 sales from 478 live attendees… 53.13% close rate!):

  • 5 – Emails Sent Total (from partner / affiliate)
  • 2724 – Unique clicks
  • 1732 Optins – 62.68% Click -to Optin Rate

  • 370 – LIVE Training
  • 118 – Recorded ENCORE
  • 478 – Total Show Up (27.59% show up rate)

  • 96 – 24hr Sales
  • 254 – Total Sales
  • 53.13% – Sales -to Attendee
  • 14.66% – Sales -to Optin

  • $82.05 – Affiliate Earnings Per Attendee
  • $22.64 – Affiliate Earnings Per Optin
  • $14.40 – Effective Affiliate EPC
  • $78,442.00 – Total Revenue ($39,221.00 Affiliate Commission)

Why It Converts So Well: Once you get to know Chip Cooper, our Internet / SaaS & FTC Compliance Attorney, and listen to him speak to your audience, you’ll quickly realize that he knows his stuff, and that our $497 offer is an AMAZING value for the high-level training and security we provide.

Webinar Availability: Currently scheduling 2-3 webinar per month, preferably on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s around 2PM or 7PM ET.

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First Step: Schedule a time to chat with either me (Allyn) or Janice, our Partner Director. We want to make sure you, as our partner, gets absolute most out of this webinar process.

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I wanted to make a quick video here to endorse and recommend my friends Chip Cooper and Allyn Cutts and their FTC guardian training and software as a service. The couple of things I want to really put across to you is, number one, as a lawyer, thoroughly trust Chip Cooper and what he has done to provide the very best training and documents to help protect any online business and make sure that they are compliant with what the FTC requires of an online business. That’s really, really important. All too many businesses ignore this and I just know, as a lawyer, the great risks, the great peril in that.

Chip is, essentially, at the top of his game and he brings that legal acumen to help your community. The very first thing that I want to recommend and to say is that Chip Cooper and what Allyn Cutts have done is create something that’s very, very needed and at the very tip-top of the quality chain. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is that when you do a presentation, do a webinar, do any kind of a promotion with Allyn and Chip, I, myself, always make money and generally a lot of money. That’s always very nice.

The third big reason why, if you’re considering doing this, you definitely should do it, is that they pay on time much better than a slot machine. When you make sales with them, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll get paid. You definitely will get paid and you’ll get paid on time, every time. I dig that.

If you market to businesses, I strongly recommend that you arrange a promotion with Chip and Allyn.

FTC Guardian is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. When I have a legal question, now I have access to not only professional legal, but someone who understands INTERNET LAW and Internet marketing. They understand Internet businesses. I pay them for the peace of mind of knowing my a** is covered and the convenience of having every form, document, or question I need answered. No one likes to spend money on legal, but worse is not having it when you really need it. Don’t become a nightmare story that everyone learns from, instead cover-your-a** now and conduct your business in peace. FTC Guardian gets my highest endorsement. Honestly, it’s what I consider a MUST BUY.

-Justin Brooke,

I want to thank you for helping me make a nice chunk of money because we promoted FTC Guardian to our list…. I want to thank you… Our audience loved it. Your customer service was great. EPC was awesome. If you’re looking at promoting a really solid product and valuable product to your list, I highly suggest that you work with these fine gentleman

Hey, it’s Ken Krell with iBoostify SmartMail. We help people get their pages up, e-mails out by time zone in geo target. Here’s what you need to know right now. If you’re thinking about doing any kind of a great webinar. If you’re thinking about providing value and service to your online clients, you need to work with Chip and Allyn. FTC Guardian is an amazing product. Better yet, it’s an amazing presentation that Chip does. Chip’s fun to work with. Chip does a great webinar. If you want to do any kind of collaboration Chip and Allyn together are an outstanding team to play with.

If you’re thinking about doing anything with Allyn and Chip, the answer is don’t even think about it, just do it. That’s it from here in Manila, the Philippines. Ken Krell for iBoostify software talking about how FTC Guardian can change your business, change your life, and keep you out of trouble, too. If you’re not using it, you should be.

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Why Should You Promote Our Webinar?

  • HIGH-QUALITY, immensely valuable training at only $497 (40% commission for YOU)!
  • Top Notch, High-Integrity FTC Compliance Internet Attorney (Chip Cooper, who knows his stuff!
  • Get Paid FAST… 80% of your commissions within 7 business days (balance after 30-day refund period)!
  • PROVEN, High-Converting, and EXTREMELY RELEVANT Webinar Training!
  • Highly effective email sequence that maximizes attendance and SALES!
  • LOW Refund Rate… well below 2% (people LOVE “FTC Guardian”)!

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If you still have questions, simply contact Janice at, and we’ll get you squared away ASAP!

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I look forward to paying you huge commissions within 7 business days after our FTC Guardian webinar campaign.