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Court Holds Amazon Liable for Defective 3rd Party Products

Discover what you need to know about this new case and what it may mean to you:

  • Learn Amazon’s business model and how it protects itself with vendor contracts
  • Learn critical, need-to-know information about strict liability
  • Learn how a broken dog collar injured Amazon’s customer resulting in a lawsuit
  • Learn why the 3rd Circuit ruled against Amazon and what it may mean to you, particularly if you operate an online marketplace

The FTC Ramps Up Regs for Endorsements & Influencers

Discover what the FTC is doing, and what you need to know.

• Learn the basic rules for advertisers and influencers regarding endorsements
• Learn about the new FTC Guide for Influencers
• Learn about why is FTC’s seeking public comments regarding endorsements, and how this may affect you
• Learn how to get your free download of the 2 new FTC Guides


CCPA-Covered Businesses: Do Your Vendors Qualify as “Service Providers”?

Learn why Service Provider status is important, and what do about it:

• Review: the definition of "sale" under the CCPA
• Sharing personal information with Service Providers is not a "sale"
• How to qualify your vendors as Service Providers
• Google’s new Service Provider contract
• Review of Service Provider Addendum
• Benefits to Service Providers


Puffery Update: Is Puffery One of Your Risk Management Tactics?

We’ll discuss new examples of what Puffery is, and isn’t.

• Review: definitions of ad claim and puffery
• Case study 1: “more” as puffery
• Case study 2: “favorite” as puffery
• Hypothetical case study for discussion


High-Risk Marketing: Do You Manage the Risk?

Learn recommended initial steps for ADA website compliance for visually impaired persons.

• Review of the latest ADA website compliance developments
• Learn how trial attorneys search for websites for ADA claims
• Review an actual legal demand letter for alleged ADA violations
• Allyn Cutts presents your options for initial steps for ADA Compliance

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