FTC Guardian™ Code of Conduct

  1. Website Must – Comply with all rules and regulations regarding Truth in Advertising, including Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decisions and regulations. This includes compliance with rules and regulations for:
  • Online Advertising Claims,
  • Online Advertising Disclosures,
  • Continuity Billing Plan Disclosures,
  • Testimonials and Endorsement Disclosures, and
  • Privacy and Data Security Disclosures regarding the collection, use and sharing of Personal Information.
  1. Website Must – Conspicuously post the website Privacy Policy, respect the privacy of personal information collected from others, and faithfully honor the statements and assurances provided in the website Privacy Policy. The website must follow the FTC’s standards for reasonable and adequate data security for personal information.
  1. Website Must – Comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to protect consumer credit card information.
  1. Website Must – Respect the rights and intellectual property of others, and ensure that rights of use for any content, name, likeness, or intellectual property of others is obtained properly before any use or publication. The website must not exceed the scope of use for any rights that are granted for the use or publication of these materials.
  1. Website Must – Conspicuously and clearly display all pricing and payment terms so that consumers may readily understand true cost.
  1. Website Must – Offer a fair and reasonable return policy and refund, and faithfully honor that policy.
  1. Website Must – Conspicuously and clearly display the support phone number.
  1. Website Must – Conspicuously and clearly display the postal mailing address for the operator of the website.