• Best News Ever: Your competitors won’t know it, but they’ll be practically driving new business to you as you read this.  


    Because they’re still making the same old mistakes. Focusing only on extracting pain points and forcing prospects through a funnel will only get you so far.

    You’ll be competing with them on a whole new level. They won’t even understand how to compete with you effectively.
  • I’ll explain exactly what it means – from the point of view of your customers and prospects – to know, like, and trust you… beginning on page 2.
  • It’s essential that you have a clear understanding of the critical difference between marketing and branding. Checklists on page 6.
  • I’ll share answers to one of the great questions beginning on page 8: Does your website and business pass the new eyeball test? You’ll learn how to answer, “Yes”. This is so important because you’ll be addressing the new concerns and worries your customers and prospects have.
  • 3 true case studies beginning on page 30 explain exactly how to avoid the critical pitfalls that sabotaged other service businesses.
  • How about a blueprint for success? I’ll walk you through a present-day, incredibly successful case study and reveal exactly how this is done, why it works, and the exact steps you can take to alter the course of your business. (Page 75).