OUCH! Did You Know? You Don’t Own Your Website Anymore!

You’d be surprised at how many Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs are shocked to discover that they don’t own what they incorrectly assumed to be their valuable intellectual property.

Ignorance is NO Excuse: 3 Legal Mistakes That Can Spell Doom For Your Business… and Personal Assets

In the struggle and toil of running your own business, there’s one task that is frequently forgotten or pushed to the side. And that task is putting the right legal systems in place to protect your business from an FTC lawsuit.

Instagram ‘tricks children into signing away privacy

Instagram named in case - as one site which confronts new users with densely-packed terms and conditions when they sign up, running to 17 pages.

Animal Product Industry Has Consumers Fooled

A 2016 survey conducted with 1,000 Americans who purchase or consume meat, eggs or dairy products revealed that misleading advertising by the animal agriculture industry and grocery stores has succeeded in fooling consumers.

What IS All Natural?

The FTC issued an opinion and final order against California Naturel, Inc. finding that the company falsely advertised its sunscreen product as “all natural” and containing “only the purest, most luxurious and effective ingredients found in nature.”

Turning The Page?

It’s been nearly two years since it was first revealed that the demand-side platform was using Verizon’s unique identifier header (UIDH) for tracking purposes even if a user had opted out of being tracked.

Facebook Tracks You Even When You’re Offline

Facebook makes no secret of the fact that it tracks your activities while you’re logged in and surfing on the social networking site to boost up its ad units, but what you don’t know is that Facebook has been collecting information about you from various commercial data brokers.

You Better Check Yourself Before You Check That Box

As many of us don't read terms and conditions because they are often long and difficult to understand, the phrase, “I-have-read-the-terms-and-conditions” is becoming the greatest and most frequent lie we ever tell. With that in mind, here is a rundown of some of the things that you may have unwittingly agreed to in the not-so-fine print.

FTC Settlement Permanently Halts Alleged Energy Drink-Slinging Pyramid Scheme

After a year long battle, the FTC has announced a settlement with the Vemma Nutrition Company that puts a halt to the company’s multi-level marketing program was a pyramid scheme.

FTC settles charges against top-grossing health app for deceptive claims

Instant Blood Pressure claimed to measure blood pressure by having users place their finger over their smartphone camera with the microphone on their chest.