FTC Wins Health Benefit-Related Deceptive Advertising Lawsuit

An FTC win! The judgment provides for a monetary penalty of approximately $400,000 for consumer refunds and a prohibition against COORGA and its owner from making misleading prevention and other health-related claims about their products in the future.

FTC Accuses L.A. Auto Dealer Group of Using Illegal, Deceptive ‘Yo-yo’ Sales Tactics

A big auto dealer group in Los Angeles has been doing the “yo-yo” on car customers for years, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

FTC Hosts “Putting Disclosures to the Test” Workshop

The focus of this workshop, was not on what has to be disclosed, or the most effective methods for disclosure, but rather how to evaluate whether disclosures are effective.

When The FTC Speaks, Brands Need To Listen

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sponsored content disclosures on the mind… As FTC senior attorney Robin Spector told AdExchanger at the time, “What we are asking people to do is not onerous. It’s just putting #ad in there. That doesn’t require that much space and effort.”


The complaint contends that, “Defendant represents to its consumers that there will be no installation charges, activation fees or other miscellaneous fees other than the advertised price of its service plans when this is in fact false.”

Kraft Heinz in Lawsuit Over Parmesan Cheese Containing Wood Pulp

The Parmesan cheese/wood pulp plot is thickening. Using research from FDA investigations and its own independent tests, Bloomberg News, reported recently that many well-known Parmesan cheese brands use wood pulp and cellulose as low-cost fillers, even when they are advertised as “100% Parmesan Cheese.”

General Mills Faces New Class Action Over ‘Gluten Free’ Cheerios

General Mills has been hit with yet another proposed class action lawsuit claiming that the company falsely advertised its “gluten-free” Cheerios, putting an Oregon man at risk for a severe allergic reaction.

YouTube’s terms of service are upsetting community because of demonetization

Countless tweets and YouTube accounts have been ranting against the recent monetization changes YouTube has made, which allows them to demonetize any videos that violate their terms of service for running ads.

Well-Drafted Privacy Policy Saves the Day for GameStop

Privacy Policies: A Penny of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Minnesota federal district court’s dismisses a website user’s lawsuit and prospective class action involving the privacy policy and information sharing practices of video game retailer and magazine publisher GameStop, Inc.

Court action over TWE’s ‘The Stag’ Cabernet Sauvignon

Stag’s Leap Cellars alleges “The Stag” is responsible for a number of violations, including false designation of origin, unfair competition and false advertising.