Missouri attorney general sues three opioid drugmakers over false claims, advertising

The state of Missouri filed suit against three major drug companies, alleging they fueled the nation’s opioid epidemic with a campaign of false advertising and fake claims.

Think You’re Eating ‘100% Natural’ Chicken? Think Again

Many health conscious consumers are reducing their consumption of red meat in favor of chicken—especially products labeled and promoted as "100% natural"—believing they are a healthier option produced without routine antibiotics, artificial substances or other drugs.

How To Avoid FTC Biz Op Regulation

The way to avoid regulation as a Biz Op is to not satisfy one, but all of the three elements of a Biz Op under the New Biz Op Rule.  All three elements must be satisfied for a Biz Op to exist, so if you satisfy any two elements, but not three, you’ve avoided Biz Op regulation.

Court Revives False Ad Claims Against Neiman Marcus

The Ninth Circuit ruled that Neiman Marcus will have to answer accusations that it tricks customers into believing it sells the same upscale clothing at its Last Call outlets that it does at its flagship stores.

The FTC Begins Crackdown On Behavioral Ads – Is Your Site In The Cross Hairs?

If your website collects behavioral data or serves behavioral ads – either directly or indirectly through the use of behavioral ad vendors – you need to understand and comply with the FTC’s notice and choice principles, or suffer the consequences.

Instagram Will Add ‘Paid Partnership’ Tag to Sponsored Posts, After FTC’s Warnings to Celebrity Users

Instagram said it will add a new “paid partnership with” sub-header on sponsored posts and stories — a move that comes two months after the Federal Trade Commission sent out letters to dozens of celebrities warning them that their paid posts on the platform didn’t include sufficient disclosures.


KT Health Holdings has agreed to pay $1.75 million to end the class action filed in 2015 alleging that an athletic tape manufacturer included false claims on its KT Tape packaging and advertising.

Your Online Customer Agreement: Which End-User Agreement Approach is Right For You?

User contracting approaches - how do you decide which approach is right for you? Click-wrapped agreements or a more traditional paper-based, signed agreement – or even a hybrid of these two approaches - what are the factors to consider?

FTC Stops False Advertising, Phony Reviews by Online Trampoline Sellers

Two brothers have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that in marketing and selling their trampolines, they deceived consumers by directing them to review websites that claimed to be independent but were not.

How to Efficiently Read a Privacy Policy

Considering the typical American visits nearly 1,500 websites a year — each with a different privacy policy — it would take about 250 hours to completely read each, estimate Carnegie Mellon researchers. Just skimming all those privacy policies would take about 154 hours, nearly a full week of nonstop reading.