Bose Headphones Have Been Spying on Customers

Bose knows what you're listening to... At least that's the claim of a proposed class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois that accuses the high-end audio equipment maker of spying on its users and selling information about their listening habits without permission.

Kona is the Latest Beer Company to be Sued for Deceptive Advertising

Deceptive food labels have gotten another company in trouble: This time it’s Kona Brewing Company, which is being accused of deceiving customers by claiming it’s produced in Hawaii.

Environmental False Advertising: An Earth Day Green Guide

With the passing of Earth Day a lot of consumers were reminded to think green, and to buy green. What if your company is looking to access this vast market of environmentally-minded shoppers, but your product or service isn’t really that environmentally conscious? Can you just go ahead and label yourself “Green” anyway? Who’s gonna notice?

Diet-Pill Marketers Settle With FTC Over Email Marketing and Weight Loss Claims

Tachht, Inc. and Teqqi, LLC recently settled a case with the Federal Trade Commission over an email marketing scheme and claims regarding the companies’ diet pills.

Feds: Miami Beach invention promotion company stole millions of dollars from hundreds of victims

A Miami Beach company made millions of dollars telling hundreds of people that their inventions were great ideas with the potential to rack up huge sales — if the inventors first forked over big bucks to make it happen.

9 hotels accused of false advertising ahead of solar eclipse

Officials are investigating nine Oregon hotels that travelers claim cancelled their room reservations and inflated prices ahead of a summer 2017 solar eclipse.

Amazon Refunds For Children’s ‘Accidental’ In-App Purchases

Finally, the FTC reached an agreement with the e-commerce giant after a three-year long legal battle in which it accused the latter of billing consumers for unauthorized purchases made by children.

Judge Gives Initial OK to Settlement Over Revlon Ads

2014 Deceptive Advertising claim finally settled! Revlon's powder and concealer, "Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage," plaintiffs claimed, purported to fight aging by altering a user's genetic code but was, in fact, "nothing more than sunscreen."

FTC Takes on “Made in the USA” Claim for Second Time This Year

According to the FTC complaint released on March 8, 2017, Texas-based Block Division, Inc., a manufacturer of metal pulleys, advertising used images as well as explicit wording to reinforce its “Made in the USA” message. Yet, according to the FTC, the company imported integral components of its pulleys from other countries.

Marketers – Are You Liable For Your Affiliates’ Trademark Infringement?

The practice of selling and purchasing keyword ads that contain competitors’ trademarks continues to be hotly litigated. To date, most of the lawsuits filed by trademark owners have been aimed at the sellers of the keyword ads – the major search engines, primarily Google.