Diet soda makers sued over “misleading” ads

Separate cases against Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group -- the three largest makers of carbonated drinks in the US -- accuse the companies of deceiving consumers into thinking that the beverages will help them lose or manage weight.

4 Things Marketers Should Know About the FTC’s Latest Crackdown on Influencer-Driven Social Media

As more brands turn to influencers to crank out social media posts, the Federal Trade Commission updated its endorsement guidance last month, giving more clarity into what specific language creators can and cannot use when working with brands on sponsored content.

Baby mattress-maker settles with FTC over alleged false organic claims

Baby mattresses maker has agreed to settle charges from the Federal Trade Commission alleging that its organic product claims do not stack up.

VW attorneys call deceptive ads ‘puffery’

Attorneys for Volkswagen are telling a judge the firm can’t be found guilty of consumer fraud and fined potentially hundreds of millions of dollars because its now-disproved claims of the cleanliness of the diesel vehicles it was selling were just promotional “puffery.’’

Casper went to war with a popular mattress reviews site

The mattress startup Casper sued three popular mattress review sites, claiming they drove business to Casper competitors without proper disclosure that these mattress brands paid sales commissions to the sites.

Watch out for these “free” kitchen and sports products

When is free really free? This group of online marketers of "free" and "risk-free" trials of various kitchen and golf products is now in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly deceiving consumers about the true cost of their offers.

Cosmetic clinics fined for false ads

According to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), two hospitals -- Secret and Faceline plastic surgery clinics located in Gangnam District -- were fined 25 million won ($22,000) and 82 million won, respectively, after being caught using photos over-exaggerating patients' before-and-after photos. Gangman is a cluster for sprawling cosmetic surgery clinics.

California Woman Sues Mike and Ike Company, Claiming Boxes Are Only Half-Full of Candy

A California woman has filed a lawsuit against the company that sells Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales candies, claiming it "falsely and deceptively" misrepresents the amount of candy served in each box.

Trader Joe’s Class Actons Says Black Truffle Oil is Fake

According to the class action complaint, “[t]he mislabeling of Trader Joe’s truffle oil renders the product completely worthless.” The plaintiffs allege that compared to regular olive oil, Trader Joe’s charges 34 percent more for the synthetically flavored product.

5 popular apps you should be wary of if you care for your data privacy

The digital world is not a kind place, and thus for its inhabitants, remaining oblivious to the harm of blind usage of apps and services is not an option. Hence, here are five applications/services that you should steer clear of if you want to keep your personal data, personal.