Maojr retailers sued for alleged deceptive ads

The lawsuits seek civil penalties up to $2,500 for each violation and injunctions to stop so-called false reference pricing to increase sales. Prosecutors said thousands of “sale” items were advertised at false reference prices.

Study finds that over half of the free apps on Google Play do not have privacy policies

Study found that over half of the free apps on Google Play do not have privacy policies – there are over 18,000 apps on Google Play that are free, so we are talking about nearly 9,000 apps that are not following or are violating the policies and guidelines set forth on Google Play.

Furniture company pays penalty over false advertising

Furniture store that hosted phony sale to drive buyers by advertising a five-day going-out-of-business sale that stated “warehouse closing,’’ that “all stock is limited to quantities on hand,’’ and that “all sales are final” found guilty of making false statements in advertising which violates New York state General Business Law.

Serious About Cracking Down On Stealth Instagram Ads?

For months we have heard how the Federal Trade Commission has pledged to get serious about going after advertisers who taint your Instagram feed with these stealth ads, some consumer advocates say the FTC simply isn’t doing enough.

Data collection after departure?!?

With the latest update to the app – version 3.222.4 – Uber is now collecting location data even after you leave a driver’s car and is now tracking your location constantly if you’ve got the app running in the background.

‘Healthy Ceral’… Not So Healthy Claims Class Action

Post Foods LLC has been hit with a false advertising class action lawsuit alleging their cereals contain an excessive amount of sugar, despite being advertised as a healthy food choice.

Bringing Privacy into the Open

There are some important technical issues involved in privacy that come to the surface when legislators and regulators consider how to tailor privacy policy to the various players in the Internet space – especially when it comes to ISP’s spying on consumers.

Major Clothing Retailer Class Action Alleges Deceptive Advertising

The practice also known as, ‘fake sales’, plaintiffs claim that the companies prices were “artificially inflated and arbitrary and did not represent a bona fide price at which they previously sold such products or the prevailing market price for such items.”

NetSpend Cards Promised Instant Cash, Didn’t Deliver, FTC Says

The ads for NetSpend, one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid debit cards, promised “immediate access to your funds.” But that’s not always the case, the FTC charges.

Put On Notice: Homeopathic Products

FTC: Homeopathic Product Claims Must Be Backed Up By John Eggerton The FTC has put the advertisers of homeopathic remedies—nerve tonics, pain relievers—on notice that they will either have to get scientific backing for the efficacy of their health claims or …