Were weight loss pills, other supplements falsely marketed?

Lexium International and CellMark Biopharma were the subject of a series federal court filings in November demanding that certain information about products and marketing be released to the FTC. Derek Vest, the founder of both companies, is the target of a federal grand jury investigation into misbranded drugs and other crimes.

Federal Court case ends REA and Domain feud

The saga commenced a year ago when publicly listed REA Group, which is majority owned by News Corp, alleged that its property listings rival, Fairfax-owned Domain, had breached Australian Consumer Law by publishing adverts that were misleading or deceptive.

Alleged Diploma Mills Settle FTC Charges

The operators of two online “high schools” have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that they misled tens of thousands of consumers by falsely claiming to be accredited schools while actually being alleged diploma mills that sold worthless fake diplomas, according to a press release on the FTC website.

The Real Reason Terms of Service Are So Confusing

Popular websites and apps like Facebook, Amazon and Instagram aren't coming after your first born, but they do intentionally draft privacy policies, terms of service and end user license agreements (EULAs) that they know (or hope) no one will ever read.

Even Businesses With ‘A’ Ratings Can’t Be Trusted

Fifteen companies that carried an A-rating from the BBB in 2016 have settled federal regulatory charges over deceptive advertising, the group, Truth in Advertising, said in a report.

Google Play to Remove Apps

Apparently, Google isn’t too fond of the fact that a number of apps require sensitive permissions from users, but don’t provide a privacy policy to explain why the apps need those permissions.

The FTC’s forgotten investigation into Nintendo

In the ’90s, Nintendo found itself under federal investigation for price fixing … and “turning promising young muscles and brains to porridge”

5 Tips to Engage Consumers Amidst FTC Crack Down

A Nielsen study shows that 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals -- even if they don’t know them -- over brands. This hasA Nielsen study shows that 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals -- even if they don’t know them -- over brands. This has led rise to influencer marketing campaigns and sponsored content which have helped brands reach consumers in a more natural way than traditional banner ads.

SeaWorld Faces Consumer Suit Over False Advertising Claims

A California federal judge will allow a group of consumers to pursue false advertisement claims against SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS) for allegedly lying about the condition of its orca whales.

EpiPen maker under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission

The FTC is investigating a couple of different aspects of Mylan’s business practices - including hiking the price of an injector to about $300 dollars — up from $57 for each shot.