Amazon’s Alexa in hot water over accidental order

Streaming songs, ordering pizza, and booking cabs are no-brainers for Alexa, the voice-activated assistant installed on Amazon Echo devices. But Alexa also unfortunately appears to enjoy engaging in a little unintentional retail therapy.

Google’s Big Crackdown

Google’s record takedown of bad ads came as it and the wider online advertising and publishing industry figure out how to combat ad-blockers and solve the problems with ads that drive people to blockers.

Countdown to Data Privacy Day

As the “Internet of Me” continues to expand, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and its partners in industry, government and the nonprofit sector will join forces to recognize Data Privacy Day in effort to educate consumers about how they can better protect their personal information and manage their privacy while teaching organizations about how privacy is good for business.

Cheesemaker Pleads Guilty to Imitation Cheese

Two cheese companies in Slippery Rock were sentenced this morning to three years of probation and ordered to forfeit $500,000 for selling imitation cheese and advertising it as real.

Drug Company Caught Jacking Up the Prices By 85,000%!

Drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals settled a lawsuit with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for US$100 million, for engaging in illegal anti-competitive behavior to ensure its continued monopoly over a life-saving medication for infants with epilepsy.

Snapchat soon to use ‘creepy’ targeting

Snapchat will start showing you ads based on the offline purchasing data it obtains from Oracle Data Cloud. This will then allow the company to determine whether your offline activity is influenced by the ads on its platform, allowing it to theoretically attract more marketing dollars.

Maker of Memory Loss Dietary Supplement Suit Filed

Maker dietary supplement manufacturer allegedly marketed fraudulent memory loss pill to senior citizens without scientific evidence to support the claim.

3 Deceptive Ad Suits Made Headlines

Plaintiffs in the three unrelated cases allege that Hain Celestial, R.W. Knudsen, and Cytosport, maker of Muscle Milk products, are misleading consumers about the formulation of their products.

Securing the Internet of Things: D-Link Unsecure Routers and Webcams

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against the Taiwan-based D-Link Corporation and its US subsidiary, D-Link Systems, Inc., for not taking steps to secure their devices, which left them vulnerable to hackers.

What do You Know About False Advertising and Consumer Remedy Laws?

Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Laws bring trouble for Banana Republic as consumers are alleging that signs advertising a 40 percent off sale were false and misleading because they did not disclose that the discount applied only to certain items.