Sony Xperia Devices Claimed to Be Misrepresented as ‘Waterproof’ in New Lawsuit

A US federal court in New York has preliminary approved a nationwide class action settlement against Sony regarding waterproof capabilities offered by certain Xperia smartphones and tablets. The class action lawsuit against the Japanese company alleges that it sold mobile devices that were "deceptively advertised" as waterproof.

3 CAN-SPAM Blunders That Every Internet Marketer Should Avoid  

Experienced Internet marketers often operate under the misconception that the CAN-SPAM Act doesn’t apply to most routine business communications.  With CAN-SPAM Act fines of up to $16,000 per violation, this misconception could add up to a big number.

Are Non-Clickers Bound By Your Online Customer Agreement?

It's well settled that website click-wrapped agreements presented on SaaS (Software as a Service) websites and ecommerce sites are enforceable against the clicker -- but what about users who access someone else's account without clicking to agree -- are they bound also?

Lawsuit Claims Dunkin’ Donuts Blueberry Products Don’t Actually Contain Blueberries

A lawsuit filed in July by a Chicago customer asserts Dunkin' Donuts violated Illinois' Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act by misrepresenting the blueberries in some of its bakery products.

Disney sued for allegedly spying on children through 42 gaming apps

A federal class action lawsuit filed in California alleges that the Walt Disney Company is violating privacy protection laws by collecting children’s personal information from 42 of its apps and sharing the data with advertisers without parental consent.

How airlines store and share your information

What kind of information does an airline collect about you as a passenger? And who can access it? For answers, we reviewed the privacy policies of Frontier, United and Southwest. Here’s what we found...

Meet the 15 Stars Whose (Undisclosed) #Spon Brought the FTC’s Wrath on Instagram

According to a leaked Fyre pitch deck obtained by Vanity Fair, all of the stars who promoted the festival on their Instagram accounts did so without the standard FTC #ad mention. This led followers to believe that Fyre was a genuine event that the supermodels attended every year, not a paid celebrity endorsement.

Sex, Lies… And a Dumb Mistake Your Blog Website Can’t Afford

Does your website incorporate a blog or forum – where users may post text or files?  If so, are you liable if your users post defamatory materials about someone else?

“Smart” bench gathers data to help urban planners meet public’s needs

“The idea that we can learn about how many people are using the space, when they are there, and how long they are there without having to literally send someone out there to count people is very valuable,” Monica Carney Holmes, the planning coordinator for Charlotte’s urban design office, told Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Roombas have been busy mapping our homes, and now that data could be shared

Over the past couple of years, Roombas haven’t just been picking up dust and chauffeuring cats around, they’ve also been mapping the layout of your home. Now, Colin Angle, the chief executive of Roomba maker iRobot, has said he wants to share the data from these maps in order to improve the future of smart home technology.