Even Businesses With ‘A’ Ratings Can’t Be Trusted

Fifteen companies that carried an A-rating from the BBB in 2016 have settled federal regulatory charges over deceptive advertising, the group, Truth in Advertising, said in a report.

Google Play to Remove Apps

Apparently, Google isn’t too fond of the fact that a number of apps require sensitive permissions from users, but don’t provide a privacy policy to explain why the apps need those permissions.

The FTC’s forgotten investigation into Nintendo

The FTC’s forgotten investigation into Nintendo: In the ’90s, Nintendo found itself under federal investigation for price fixing … and “turning promising young muscles and brains to porridge”

5 Tips to Engage Consumers Amidst FTC Crack Down

With the rise of influencer marketing campaigns and sponsored content, which have helped brands reach consumers in a more natural way than traditional banner ads, here are 5 tips to engage consumers with sponsored content in 2017 amidst increasing regulations and fickle consumer sensibilities outline by Zack Brown

SeaWorld Faces Consumer Suit Over False Advertising Claims

A federal judge in California will allow consumers suing SeaWorld Entertainment to move forward with their claims that the company allegedly lied about the health and treatment of its orca whales to entice them to buy tickets and merchandise.

EpiPen maker under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission

The FTC is investigating a couple of different aspects of Mylan’s business practices – including hiking the price of an injector to about $300 dollars — up from $57 for each shot.

Feds Fine Uber $20 Million

In a complaint the feds lodged against the San Francisco-based ride-share company, officials accused Uber of misleading drivers about their potential hourly or yearly income by exaggerating figures.

Is Your Website’s Privacy Policy Putting You at Risk?

Did you know that you’re legally accountable for the statements made in your website’s privacy policy? Have you read and understood each provision in your privacy policy? Do you know what your responsibilities are?

FTC Finds App Breathalyzers Inaccurate

Despite marketing claims of “government-lab grade testing,” the Federal Trade Commission found that Breathometer’s app-connected breathalyzers weren’t as accurate as the company promised.

Update: Native Ad Compliance and the FTC

It’s been a little over a year since the FTC published guidelines for native advertising. In just 12 months this has led to a significant shift in how native or sponsored content has been implemented.