Rental scammer ordered to repay $5.2 million to deceived consumers

The owner of a supposed credit monitoring service will repay $5.2 million to deceived consumers for using fake rental properties to trick those consumers into signing up for the credit services.

Goop Slammed for New Answer to “Deceptive” Advertising Claims

Nonprofit organization Truth in Advertising ( published a story about the new set of disclaimers on the website of Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, pointing out two major issues.

US FTC stops internet marketers from giving deceptive free trial offers

A federal district court has granted the Federal Trade Commission’s request to stop a group of San Diego-based Internet marketers from deceptively advertising free trial offers.

AbbVie and affiliate owe $448 million in FTC antitrust case

The FTC alleged AbbVie and its partner Besins Healthcare Inc. blocked consumer access to lower-cost versions of the testosterone replacement drug Androgel.

FTC reaches $11M settlement with get-rich-quick scammers targeting Amazon

As part of the settlement, the defendants neither admitted nor denied the allegations against them and got the bulk of a $102 million judgment against them suspended. They were also barred from future business coaching.

Oklahoma, Volkswagen settle suit related to deceptive advertising, attorney general announces

Oklahoma filed its lawsuit against the companies after a federal investigation found Volkswagen had deliberately installed software in diesel vehicles that aimed to cheat laboratory emissions tests.

HSUS asks federal consumer protection agency to crack down on deceptive advertising of puppy mill puppies

Legal petition filed with the Federal Trade Commission, asking it to stop puppy sellers from using misleading advertising to attract unsuspecting buyers.

These bedbug treatments were bogus — the refunds are real

Five years after agreeing to a consent order settling an FTC complaint about deceptively marketed bedbug and head-lice products, Chemical Free Solutions, or CFS, has reached another settlement.

Gmail’s new ‘confidential mode’ offers more privacy controls — but don’t get too comfortable

In rolling out major updates to Gmail, Google announced that the popular email service will soon feature a new "confidential mode" that promises to give users more control over who sees the emails they send, and for how long.

Clif Bar Energy Bars Are 40% Sugar, Says New Lawsuit

Three consumers say they purchased Clif Bar’s ZBars and classic Clif Bars based on the premise that they were healthy, a claim they say is negated by the immense amount of sugar in the bars. Some of the bars’ calories come from nearly 40 percent sugar.