Why It’s Risky To Copy Stuff Off The Web

It’s tempting and so easy to use your right click to download stuff off the Web – to copy or save images, text, even videos. BUT Fair warning – in most cases this content will be protected by copyright even if there is no copyright notice and you can find yourself facing a possible copyright infringement claim that results in fines up to $150,000!

Attorney General Announces Joint FTC Action

The complaint alleges that the defendants employed unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the advertising, marketing, distribution, and sale of FlexiPrin and CogniPrin. That the defendants sold these products directly to consumers, primarily through radio and print advertising nationwide and in Canada, which has garnered in excess of $6.5 million in gross sales.

FTC Settlement Applies “Made in the USA” Standard to “Built in the USA” Claims

In a move that appeared contrary to previously released guidance, the FTC action seemed to equate the term “built” with “made” rather than the term “assembled.” iSpring had claimed that its water filtration systems and parts were “Built in the USA,” but the FTC pointed out in its complaint that the products were either “wholly imported” or “made using a significant amount of inputs from overseas.”

Refunds are on their way!

The FTC has announced that, as a result of a settlement agreement reached with Dr. Mercola and its companies, the FTC is mailing $2.59 million in refunds to more than 1,300 purchasers of Mercola indoor tanning systems.

How To Avoid Privacy Policy Mistakes While Starting A New Business?

The regulatory function in the web environment is growing more and more complex each year. User’s actions on the web have changed accordingly with the advance technology and at a tremendous rate where the data is being collected with every click. So, it is important to apprehend all the legal requirements, preparations, privacy policy for an entrepreneur before starting their company in order to avoid adverse consequences in the future.

The High Cost of Fake Testimonials / Endorsements

If you use online endorsements or testimonials from others, you should review your internal marketing policies and your FTC website forms to avoid substantial liability for deceptive advertising.

Were weight loss pills, other supplements falsely marketed?

Lexium International and CellMark Biopharma were the subject of a series federal court filings in November demanding that certain information about products and marketing be released to the FTC. Derek Vest, the founder of both companies, is the target of a federal grand jury investigation into misbranded drugs and other crimes.

Federal Court case ends REA and Domain feud

The saga commenced a year ago when publicly listed REA Group, which is majority owned by News Corp, alleged that its property listings rival, Fairfax-owned Domain, had breached Australian Consumer Law by publishing adverts that were misleading or deceptive.

Alleged Diploma Mills Settle FTC Charges

The operators of two online “high schools” have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that they misled tens of thousands of consumers by falsely claiming to be accredited schools while actually being alleged diploma mills that sold worthless fake diplomas, according to a press release on the FTC website.

The Real Reason Terms of Service Are So Confusing

Popular websites and apps like Facebook, Amazon and Instagram aren’t coming after your first born, but they do intentionally draft privacy policies, terms of service and end user license agreements (EULAs) that they know (or hope) no one will ever read.