Study: Just 25% of Instagram influencers are compliant with FTC rules

Health and fitness influencers were the worst at posting sponsorship notices, with only 60% attempting to disclose and just 16% abiding by FTC guidelines. Fashion and beauty influencers were found to be the best at disclosing with 77% attempting to do so and 33% following FTC rules.

Sacramento man suing Pabst Blue Ribbon for false advertising

Lawsuit claims that the beer purchased at a Grocery Outlet store location in Rancho Cordova, CA almost a year ago, after being "deceived" by the advertising. Self-identifying as a "beer, and craft beer consumer," he was moved to action after deciding "it is unclear where the water is actually from."

FDA investigates reports of hair loss and burns from Monat hair care

Dana Sohovich talked exclusively with 10News, saying the company’s hair products caused severe hair loss and bald spots. Sohovich has filed a class action lawsuit against the company, alleging it falsely promised her “longer, fuller, stronger” hair. Her suit accuses Monat of “false and deceptive advertising”.

Illinois woman files suit over Junior Mints packaging, asking, Where’s the candy?

Junior Mints, the chocolate-peppermint candy that made a memorable star turn in a hospital operating room during a “Seinfeld” episode, now finds itself in a Chicago federal courtroom after an Illinois woman filed a consumer fraud lawsuit over allegedly deceptive packaging.

Lawsuit targets Trader Joe’s for ‘deceptive’ imagery on cage-free eggs

The imagery retailers use on packaging of cage-free eggs has become a target for lawsuits, as Trader Joe’s is the latest company to be sued for using pictures on packaging that allegedly misrepresent birds’ living conditions and mislead consumers to believe the cage-free eggs come from chickens free to roam outdoors.

Snuggie customers receive $7.2M in refunds thanks to FTC settlement

The Snuggie has raked in millions, but now the company behind famous "as seen on TV" fleece blanket is being forced to pay its customers $7.2 million back in refunds.

LinkedIn Updates Its Terms Of Service In Preparation For GDPR

LinkedIn is making certain it will be ready for GDPR when it’s enforced this May, by making several adjustments to its Terms of Service. 

‘Anti-Aging’ Company Settles With FTC Over False Claims

 New York-based Telomerase Activation Sciences on Wednesday agreed to stop making false and unsubstantiated claims about two “anti-aging” products under a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement order.

4 Deceptive Mobile Ad Tricks and What Marketers Can Learn From Them

Dozens of subreddits are dedicated to uncovering such stealthy-yet-spammy tactics. A few weeks ago, a screenshot of a mobile banner ad for Chatmost, a competitor to Craigslist, started spreading on Twitter and Reddit because the creative included a small speck that looked like a piece of dirt, encouraging users to swipe their screen as a way to drive clicks.

Stone Brewery sues Keystone over “stone” name

“Keystone’s rebranding is no accident,” said Dominic Engels, Stone Brewing CEO. “MillerCoors tried to register our name years ago and was rejected. Now its marketing team is making 30-pack boxes stacked high with nothing but the word ‘STONE’ visible.