At Least One Iowan Impacted by Insurance Provider the FTC Calls ‘Sham’

At least one Iowa man thinking he's getting health insurance has fallen victim to what the Federal Trade Commission calls a “deceptive scheme”.

Sprint sues AT&T over the company’s use of ‘5G E’ claims false advertising

AT&T's calling its latest 4G LTE network "5G E" isn't just drawing the ire of tech media and fans. It's now drawing fire from Sprint in the form of a lawsuit.

Experts warn of scams during tax season

Tax season is underway. While many people are preparing to file, one thing they might not be accounting for are scammers that could be attempting to steal their next victim's refund.

EU orders recall of children’s smartwatch over severe privacy concerns

EU warns that ENOX Safe-KID-One smartwatches contain several security flaws that let third-parties track and call children's watches.

Leveraging Influence To Launch An E-Commerce Store

Social media influencers are navigating a stricter digital landscape since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned social media influencers to clearly label paid advertisements.

GPS manufacturers remove ‘deceptive’ ad claims

Three of Australia’s biggest GPS manufacturers have all agreed to remove ‘lifetime’ claims from their advertising, following complaints from the ACCC that it was potentially false, misleading or deceptive.

Blockchair updates privacy policy to fully respect user anonymity

Blockchair is attempting to become the most privacy-oriented block explorer available by updating their privacy policy to fully respect user anonymity.

Qualcomm-FTC lawsuit: Everything you need to know

The US Federal Trade Commission has accused Qualcomm of operating a monopoly in wireless chips.

Beware of scams targeting your money, cops warn Brooklynites

Crooks pose as IRS agents, doctors, utility employees. Americans lost $41 million of their hard-earned money to these types of scams.

FTC Is Said to Be Considering Large Facebook Fines

The Federal Trade Commission is in the advanced stages of its investigation into whether Facebook violated privacy rules and is expected to seek large fines from the company.