Federal Trade Commission announce settlement on sham charity

AG Schmitt and the Federal Trade Commission announce settlement on sham charity

Published By The Courier-Post

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with sham charity Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation, and its founder, David Kenik

Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation, and its founder, Kenik, collected almost $10 million in donations from 2013 through 2017 allegedly to provide assistance to disabled officers and relief to families of officers killed in the line of duty. Instead, Kenik spent the vast majority of contributions to profit himself and private individuals he hired instead of on charitable programs.

The settlement will be for $9,932,323, with all of that suspended except for $100,000, due to defendants’ inability to pay. The $100,000 will be distributed to a legitimate charity whose charitable purpose is substantially similar to the purpose for which defendants solicited funds, as recommended by Schmitt’s office and approved by the court. Kenik will also be banned from soliciting charitable contributions and must cooperate with any further investigations into his actions.

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