‘There is no such thing as soy milk’: Vitasoy breaks out the dictionary in existential debate with viewer

‘There is no such thing as soy milk’ By Frank Chung The ad watchdog has dismissed a complaint against Vitasoy after an upset TV viewer questioned the

UPDATE: FDA Declines to Stop Coke, Pepsi from Advertising Artificially Sweetened Soda as “Diet”

“The advertising of artificially sweetened soda as ‘diet’ may well be one of the greatest consumer frauds in modern times,” said Gary Ruskin, co-director of U.S. Right to Know. “It is a shame that the FDA is siding with the soda industry against consumers.”

These $5 ‘celebrity’ skin cream trials could cost you hundreds

In fact, more than 500 skin care products tied to 4,000 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the last three years. The Attorney General's Office is also investigating after receiving more than 120 similar complaints this year alone.

Google Fixes ‘Creepy’ Docs Problem But Spying Fears Persist

A glitch in the popular Google Docs service resulted in users getting locked out of their documents, according to a message, they had violated the company’s terms of service. The issue has now been fixed, but the incident is raising some uncomfortable questions for Google.

NEWSLuLaRoe in $1B lawsuit for shady business model

Former distributors for multi-level marketing legging and athleisure brand LuLaRoe are filing suit against the company. These distributors, called “Retailers” by LuLaRoe, accuse the company of being a pyramid scheme, as defined by California law.

Loan relief company deceived students, FTC says

The FTC was granted a temporary restraining order and the company is in receivership until a preliminary hearing determines otherwise. But an agency spokesperson tells me it will be a while before there's direct help for victims.

Data privacy policy just as important as the security measures protecting it

A lot of emphasis has been placed on data security from hackers or ransomware, but the latest data governance regulations also set provisions around privacy and access to the data. The common misconception that data security and data privacy are synonymous is simply not the case, especially in the healthcare industry, where often times organizations don’t even know what data they’re collecting and the security or its impacts on a hospital’s risk profile.

FTC Obtains $40 Million in Sanctions in Weight Loss Advertising Battle with Beleaguered Supplement Manufacturer

What began in 2004 with a government complaint filed over weight loss advertisements has culminated 13 years later in one of the largest monetary judgments ever obtained by the Federal Trade Commission (Commission) in a case involving dietary supplements.

Smart watches & Kids: Security Risk?

Consumer groups are urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate some children's smart watches after researchers found these devices could make sensitive information vulnerable to hackers.

Gulf Breeze Recovery Applauds Google’s Decision on Deceptive Drug Rehab Advertising

Google recently made an incredibly important decision that we are confident will help protect those who are at a vulnerable time in their life on the search for a reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.