Covington probiotic distributor to pay $15 million in damages over false advertising charges

A Maryland jury ruled unanimously in favor of a probiotic inventor who accused his former business partners and a Covington-based biomedical company of false advertisement among other charges.

Consumer groups urge FTC to investigate Google over location tracking

A coalition of more than 75 consumer groups is urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Google for allegedly manipulating Android users into having their location tracked at all times.

The FTC Is Gunning For Greater Powers To Deal With The Data-Driven Economy

The FTC is looking for targeted rulemaking authority, jurisdiction over nonprofits and common carriers and for the ability to seek civil penalties to discourage unlawful conduct and create the proper deterrents for bad actors.

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Pledges to Investigate Video Game Loot Boxes

FTC chairman Joseph Simons on Tuesday said he would investigate video game loot boxes to ensure that children are being protected and parents are educated on the matter.

Arizona Attorney General Issues Warning About Deceptive Solar Flyers

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office warns the so-called “Maricopa County Solar Initiative” isn’t registered to do business in the state and that consumers should submit a complaint if they believe they are victims of fraud.

Privacy groups blast US FTC as digital ad industry ‘lapdog’

“As federal privacy legislation is contemplated, the FTC should be a strong voice for advancing Americans’ privacy interests in a meaningful way, not parroting the advertising industry’s talking points.”

Lawmakers warn of deceptive online purchasing

As you get ready to make those online purchases, there is a warning from lawmakers about deceptive apps. 

Himalayan salt lamps are a scam

Himalayan salt lamps designed to purify air and improve sleep quality are a scam, a Manhattan man claims in a new class-action lawsuit filed against a company that makes the trendy lights.

New international standard for the Internet of Things

The new standard has been written to provide a common framework that designers and developers can use and for the resultant systems to be “trustworthy”. Trust refers to creating IoT applications that are reliable, safe, secure, respect privacy and can better cope with disruptions like natural disasters and attacks.

Rochester contractors sued by NY AG for not doing work, deceptive ads

A home improvement contractor business in Rochester is being sued by the New York State Attorney General's Office for using fake reviews and not doing work they were paid to do.