3 Tragic (FTC Compliance) Mistakes That Can Freeze Your Assets & Shut Down Your Business Overnight… And What You Need To Know To Cover Your Butt Today!

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  • Chip Cooper, Esq.

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  • Why The FTC Is Now Going After The Little Guys, And Why You Should Be Worried!
  • The 3 Enormous Powers The FTC Has That Can Change Your Life – And Your Family’s Life – Forever!
  • Tragic Mistakes to Avoid, with an Actual FTC Cases Resulting in Frozen Bank Accounts
  • Killer Mistakes to Avoid When You Post Testimonials, With Actual FTC Case That Resulted in Massive Liability
  • 3 Of The Biggest Mistake Everyone Is Making...
  • And Much More

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Chip Cooper, Esq. – The #1 Rated FTC Compliance Training Expert!

Chip Cooper is known as the most sought after Internet Marketing and SaaS Attorney in the online business community. He is famous for writing and publishing a numbers of books specifically on the topic Internet & SaaS Law, and has business clients of all sizes Worldwide.

Chip has over 30 years legal practice experience in the field of Software, IT & Internet Law, and is a Speaker as well as an author of 4 books, on software & online FTC legal compliance

Chip Cooper is Co-Founder & CEO of FTC Guardian
Of Counsel to Jones & Haley P.C.
Adjunct Professor Software Law for 20 years at Wake Forest University School of Law